Ingenu makes getting and staying on the Internet of Things (IoT) simple and smart.

Choosing a wireless provider for IoT devices involves many parts and processes. When considering what wireless service meets your applications’ or business’ needs, some options are useful and helpful, and some are minutiae that only cloud the decision process. That’s why the way Ingenu handles wireless connectivity is simply genius.

With RPMA You Choose Stability

This is perhaps the simplest part of choosing RPMA for your wireless service: RPMA does not sunset. Cellular carriers and standards bodies are driven to continually change the standards, and for five generations (including 0G) sunsets have rocked the businesses reliant on the current generation’s technology. This will continue as time moves forward. In a prior post we discussed the never ending march to serve the highest paying customer, these economic forces won’t simply go away. Standards will keep changing and devices will continue to bear the brunt of these forces.

With RPMA You Choose One Worldwide Band

RPMA gives you instant worldwide access as it uses the 2.4 GHz unlicensed band.

Having to choose which band to use for your device is not a choice, it’s a burden.

Carriers choose those and then application providers have to absorb the design costs. Application providers then have to hand down the additional costs to their customers. Bands aren’t a choice you want to have to make; so don’t! With RPMA there is no need to hem and haw and wring your hands over which band to design your application to because there is only one, and it’s everywhere.

With RPMA You Choose One Network

Related to only needing to choose one band, is that with the RPMA powered Machine Network you don’t even have to make a carrier choice. Once you choose the Machine Network, you are done. That means no costly certifications for each carrier and no resources wasted tweaking your design for each carrier makes you more cost competitive. Ingenu makes your choice simple in all the right ways.
Ingenu, it’s Simply Genius.

Discover how we’ve made RPMA a powerful and simple choice, read our How RPMA Works white paper.