We announced today that Trilliant is licensing Ingenu’s RPMA machine exclusive wireless network technology to add to its stack of connectivity solutions. We’re pretty stoked about that, and so is Trilliant.

“With a multitude of proven worldwide deployments, Ingenu’s RPMA technology offers an extremely reliable and robust communications solution for smart grid connectivity,” said Andrew White, Trilliant’s chairman and chief executive officer. “The addition of RPMA to our Smart Communications Platform will provide utilities with the simplicity of one platform supporting multiple technologies that is built with open standards, and having broad industry support. Additionally, Trilliant’s decades-long expertise in AMI and smart grid integration will provide Ingenu’s utility customers with a rich set of services and solutions to manage their valuable network assets.”

Pretty nice, huh? This deal is a win-win for a few reasons. Trilliant acquires Ingenu’s AMI business. Ingenu will continue to support and develop the infrastructure needed to support Trilliant’s customers. But this transition will also allow Ingenu to continue full bore on rolling out the Machine Network, the first nationwide wireless public network dedicated exclusively to machine connectivity.

So how will this all work? Trilliant will offer RPMA’s endpoints, access points and other network infrastructure as a part of their offerings. Trilliant will be the point of contact for privately owned smart grid and smart metering applications. Of course, utilities that would like to use the public Machine Network will work directly with Ingenu.

It’s a great time to be a utility service provider wanting to get smart. The advantages of RPMA are available through private networks with Trilliant’s platform, or via the public Machine Network. We’re pleased to have inked this deal with Trilliant. We know that with RPMA enabling many of their customers, the benefits of the smart grid will be realized.

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