iot security

For many people, talking about security is about as interesting as a trip to the dentist. So why should you care about security?

If you care enough to invest in machine-to-machine connectivity, you should care about security on the Internet of Things.

In fact, Gartner proposes that overcoming security issues is the lynchpin to the Internet of Things’ success. But does it really matter if your refrigerator, oil field devices, or asset tracker can be hacked? It does. Let’s take the first example, your refrigerator. Your refrigerator itself may not be immensely valuable to hack, but the Google account credentials your refrigerator uses to display your Google calendar can be obtained because of poor security.

Caring about security is a reflection of the value of the things that should be secured and what those things are connected to. That is why Ingenu designed RPMA from the ground up to have enterprise grade security. RPMA provides six security guarantees that have been used and trusted for years by highly regulated industries such as utilities and oil and gas companies. The Internet of Things (IoT) is supposed to increase our ability to control and monitor the world around us in an intelligent and often automated way. But as those connected devices increase, and become ever more interconnected, the importance of security increases. Interconnected devices are as strong as the weakest link.

So when considering security on the Internet of Things, think about how valuable your entire system of connected things is. If you are going so far as to invest in devices that are connected, then why leave off security? Investing in IoT connectivity for your business or home without security is like buying a car without locks. “But the car does what I need it to do! Security is no big deal right?” Except that the car could easily be stolen and do what somebody else needs it to do. And with IoT connectivity, the data collected is valuable, and could be used to compromise your business or worse, without your even knowing it until it is too late. No matter the data being collected, there are other patterns of your business that could be gleaned from your data collection habits and business operations.

Your data and the system that supports that data is highly valuable, don’t leave it exposed by choosing connectivity without robust security. RPMA has you covered.

To learn more about keeping secure on the Internet of Things, read our white paper, Security for the Internet of Things.