Smart City

RPMA: Incredible coverage and capacity for your smart city
Ingenu’s RPMA technology enhances the performance of devices within urban environments, resulting in wide and deep coverage for even the most challenging asset locations. From street lighting to water management, municipalities can utilize the power of RPMA to extend network coverage and provide smart, dependable services to their citizens. Ingenu doesn’t just give you a smart city, it makes it simply genius.

Street Light Control

RPMA has the capacity to manage street lights and meters as well as grid automation and demand response infrastructure on the same network.
Smart Lighting is the next frontier of smart grid enabling full remote control and monitoring of public lights.

Visibility into street light operation enables condition-based maintenance, remote operation for safety and security and the ability to adjust and manage lighting options. RPMA gives you a smart city based on the public’s need.

Water Management

The RPMA network is ideal for connecting water management systems in hard-to-reach urban or rural environments.
Applications such as water distribution, flow and pressure measurement can utilize the reliable coverage and capacity of the RPMA network to report important usage data at frequent intervals. This enables municipalities to more effectively manage water distribution and provide reliable service to their customers.

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