Full-Featured Value

Ingenu delivers the greatest value for connecting the Internet of Things.
Combining low network operating costs with extreme device and network longevity, we deliver value that before RPMA was unfathomable in the IoT/M2M space.

Full-featured Connectivity

RPMA meets or exceeds the data features that the industry has come to expect from cellular providers. RPMA offers:
  • Reliable, acknowledged delivery
  • Six security guarantees including strong authentication
  • Flexible frame sizes


  • Full two-way data flow


  • Congestion management
  • Firmware downloads
When you connect to the IoT using RPMA, you get more than a simple data link. RPMA gives you a connectivity experience that allows you to use your devices to their fullest potential.

More Connection Value

How much data do you use? Your bill may say a number but is it what you actually used? Many don’t realize that cellular provider data sessions are rounded up to the nearest KB or MB. With Ingenu, you don’t pay for rounding error. What’s more, our connections provide incredible transmission capabilities. Our uplink throughput is 50 times greater than the next wide area competitor. Our downlink throughput is an astounding 500 times greater than the next wide area competitor. RPMA technology shows that to be a low-power wide area connectivity provider you don’t have to sacrifice throughput.

Deployment Value

Ingenu offers the lowest cost of deployment. RPMA technology uses unlicensed spectrum, completely avoiding the enormous leasing costs that cellular providers pay. RPMA technology will not sunset. This makes the lifetime cost of deployment significantly lower compared to cellular. Each time cellular needs to upgrade its network, customers have to purchase hardware compatible with the newest technology. With RPMA, all that goes away. We can guarantee, by contract, 20+ years of network compatibility.

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