End-to-end IoT solutions for Intelligent Agriculture, Connected Car, Fleet Management, Smart Utility and other business solutions complement industry leading IoT devices with RPMA, the best IoT platform for unlicensed spectrum on the market today

SAN DIEGO – July 22, 2019 – Ingenu Inc.™, one of the leaders of Internet of Things (IoT)  connectivity platforms,  announces  today the launch of “Ingenu 2.0” with a series of signed agreements to frame its End-to-End strategy by partnering with the Best-of-Breed IoT Technology companies and establishing Joint Ventures with Local Partners by using its award winning RPMA technology via Platform as a Services (PaaS) access.

Ingenu signed an exclusive agreement with Agrisource Data, Atlanta, GA, to address the agricultural market using the RPMA® enabled AgClarity Smart Agriculture AI Platform.  Deployments for full end-to-end solutions have begun covering approximately 6 million hectares in South East Asia.  Ingenu and Agrisource Data believe that the synergy between RPMA® and AgClarity™ will revolutionize the agricultural markets by enhancing data driven solutions for more efficient decision making.  “Proud to partner with Ingenu to promote efficiency, profitability and sustainability in the global agriculture industry,” said Ben Worely, CEO, Agrisource Data.

Ingenu also signed an exclusive partnership with ETION Create (ETO (JSE)), Irene, South Africa, an integrated technology solutions company, who in addition to their Smart Utility solutions also bring to the market, Connected Car and Fleet Management solutions. Targeted markets include utilities, agricultural asset tracking, consumers, insurance companies, fleet management organizations and others. “Our proud partnership with Ingenu provides us the opportunity to deliver world class solutions utilizing Ingenu’s leading edge technology” according to Petrus Pelser, managing director of ETION Create.

Ingenu 2.0 is focused in the Asia Pacific region where Ingenu entered into an agreement with local partners in Indonesia to establish a Joint Venture (JV) for IoT services. Ingenu Indonesia (the JV) will be the exclusive licensee for all RPMA® enabled full end-to-end solutions in Indonesia, through a local PaaS system. The JV has authorized several RPMA® operators. An example, PT Sucofindo, an Indonesian Government entity, is the exclusive operator of all government RPMA® enabled services throughout the country. Sucofindo will operate a broad customer base in industrial sectors such as: Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Agriculture, Plantations, Forestry, Marine & Fisheries, amongst others. http://semarak.co/gandeng-konsorsium-mip-sucofindo-ditunjuk-sebagai-operator-jaringan-rpma/

Ingenu signed MOUs with global satellite operators to install its RPMA® technology in Low Earth Orbits (LEO) satellite systems to enhance the global reach of RPMA® by providing cost effective IoT services to areas otherwise unreachable. The use of DSSS with RPMA technology makes RPMA® the ideal IoT technology for LEO systems by mitigating the Doppler Effect. The combination of RPMA® and LEO satellite systems is ideal for rural areas and industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Maritime and Agriculture.

“Hands down, Ingenu 2.0 has the best IoT technology (RPMA® ) in the market today for the non-licensed spectrum. The landscape is full of unsuccessful trials and deployments by LoRa and Sigfox and attempts by mobile operators, through NB-IoT and LTE-Cat-M1, to vanquish LoRa and Sigfox failures. The problem is that IoT revenue for mobile operators is less that 2% of their overall revenue, which is unsustainable from a business point of view. Additionally, the cost to implement these solutions is much more expensive and the coverage is limited. Ingenu 2.0 has found the niche market that neither LoRa, Sigfox nor mobile operators can compete in; the large network that needs to scale. LoRa and Sigfox can’t handle this market due to inferior technology and mobile operators find it too expensive and lack the infrastructure to support full end-to-end solutions.  Ingenu 2.0 is marketing its best-of-class technology and is monetizing it in a rapid manner by providing end-to-end solutions. At present, Ingenu 2.0 has a US$2.0 Billion pipeline of contract value using the above strategy,” said Alvaro Gazzolo, President and COO. Ingenu, Inc.

About Ingenu, Inc.

Ingenu has developed the best IoT connectivity platform in the market today. Operating on universal spectrum, the company’s RPMA® technology is a proven standard for connecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices across the globe. Ingenu’s technology uniquely achieves the connectivity cost for many billions of devices, providing valuable intelligence for businesses. Information about Ingenu can be found at staging.ingenu.com, or contact William Schmidt at wschmidt@ingenu.com.

About Agrisource Data

Agrisource Data leverages the latest advances in science and technology, including Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and cloud-based communication protocols that accelerate data collection and analysis across the entire seed-to-shelf spectrum.  Agrisource Data delivers the most complete solution in the market for meeting the challenge of global food production. Information about Agrisource Data can be found at www.agrisourcedata.com.

About ETION Create

ETION Create (previously Parsec) is the first component of the digital value chain. It designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of advanced electronic and digital technologies for internal and external customers. Its ability to create customized electronic subsystems and products for clients across a range of sectors including Mining & Industrial, Defense & Aerospace, IoT & Sensors and Cyber Security, sets it apart.  In short, ETION Create is one of the world’s leading Original Design Manufacturing companies.  Information about ETION can be found at www.etion.co.za.