Earlier this week, Ingenu and u-blox announced a new partnership agreement, under which u-blox will license RPMA technology in order to design and supply RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) radio modules to supplement their current line of connectivity options.

Ingenu’s decision to partner with u-blox enables the joining of unparalleled LPWAN technology with their Swiss precision engineering and distribution capabilities. U-blox has set the bar high with quality positioning and communications technologies, and is an industry leader in its class of semiconductors and modules.

As u-blox explored the options to expand its connectivity offerings into the LPWAN arena, the partnership with Ingenu seemed a natural fit — RPMA’s leading edge performance, capacity, and coverage characteristics allowed for further expansion into the growing IoT market.

Their decision to partner with Ingenu and use RPMA technology, despite other LPWAN technologies’ aggressive marketing efforts over the past few years, speaks for itself. At Ingenu, we have seen explosive growth over the past year as the company has taken a directional shift away from providing only private network installations to creating what is soon to be the world’s largest public IoT network: the Machine Network. RPMA technology has proven itself time and time again, in extensive real-world applications over the course of the last 8 years, and was built from the ground up specifically and explicitly for machines. The global availability of 2.4 GHz spectrum allows both single SKU standardization and reduces barriers to entry for device manufacturers worldwide.

This brings tremendous value as companies realize they no longer need to create multiple variations of their products for different markets, avoiding costs associated with supporting and certifying each device on numerous frequency bands. In addition, they also avoid the costly cellular network / carrier-required “certifications” associated with fractured networks around the globe.

RPMA technology truly is revolutionary, and addresses so many of the issues surrounding connectivity, scalability, and reliability in today’s ever increasing demand for IoT devices. RPMA is not only becoming a preferred choice among device manufacturers, it is also backed by telecom industry titans. Dr. Andrew Viterbi (co-founder, Qualcomm) said, “RPMA is as significant an innovation for M2M communication as CDMA was for traditional cellular.”

By partnering with companies such as u-blox and Compal (previously announced), we are expanding our ecosystem, giving our customers more choices on how they implement RPMA and letting them do what they do best:  keeping up with the rapidly expanding IoT market, creating endless possibilities and valuable products / services to enable a more connected world. With Ingenu rapidly building out the US Machine Network, and our global licensees deploying public RPMA networks throughout more than 50+ countries worldwide, device makers will soon have the ability to deploy their product with one affordable radio module, anywhere in the world.