RPMA Marketplace

No Matter How Hard You Try

Watching the development of M2M and the Internet of Things over the past few years under the tutelage of mesh and cellular has been like watching a toddler try to fit a round block into a square hole. Mesh and cellular just aren’t made for the IoT and that’s the simple reason why the Internet of Things hasn’t taken off on their watch. Billions upon billions of devices are lying in wait, needing cheap, flexible coverage, and battery life able to support years, not weeks away from the mothership. This is where low-power, wide-area (LPWA) connectivity has come in, offering wide-area coverage, long battery life, and inexpensive connectivity. Because 86% of IoT devices use less than 3MB of data a month, LPWA technology is the circle block for the circle slot that everyone has been waiting for. In this blog, we’ll look at the simple and elegant way RPMA® best serves Ingenu’s ecosystem partners and end users.

Making Competition Everyone’s Friend

Competition in the marketplace gives consumers two beautiful things at once: lower prices and better quality products & services. More competitors in the marketplace means more companies actively finding ways to attract customers. These companies will attract new customers by either differentiating their product/service to appeal to customers, or they’ll make it the same quality as ever at a lower price. In either case, the consumer wins. Any company that tries to charge more will quickly get out-hustled by the other companies willing to go lower or serve better. The urge to get the extra sales is just too strong to go with the status quo.

Biggest Market = Most Competition = Best Products

Ingenu’s RPMA technology offers the industry’s largest marketplace. Because we use the 2.4 GHz band (the only band available worldwide in one continuous band) all of our partners have access to the entire global market. Ingenu’s ecosystem gives its partners the simplest access to the IoT industry’s largest total addressable market. This means that small startups wanting to get in early on a rapidly expanding market can reach a global market and scale very quickly. It also means that more participants can enter our market and provide greater competition than any other existing or developing LPWA technology can offer. No other IoT connectivity technology can even approach the size and immediate access to the global marketplace. Ingenu has three important advantages that our partners and their customers enjoy as the IoT expands: 1) instant global marketplace access—and thus scale—by needing to design for only one band, 2) better quality products due to increased competition, and 3) lowest prices due to size of marketplace and competition therein.

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