Crawl, Walk, Run

Last year we announced plans to build the Machine Network™ across the United States. Originally the plan was to build out the Machine Network  in the US and then turn our attention internationally. This was the Ingenu™ “five year plan.” But as our CEO, John Horn has stated, that five year plan has turned into a five month plan.

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Ingenu’s Doors

Wherefore the significant global adoption of RPMA®? Potential partners have been knocking on our doors because RPMA works. It’s a proven technology the world over. Evidence for its performance operates on five continents and across as many years. RPMA is becoming a global standard for IoT connectivity.

RPMA gives machines and the companies that own them stability, longevity, and true two-way communication capabilities. RPMA technology is inexpensive to deploy and support. It offers incredible battery life so you can deploy devices in the field for years and not touch them for a long time. RPMA based networks will be here for decades to come.

RPMA Endorsers: Amateurs They Ain’t

The thing is, the people saying RPMA is the standard for machines aren’t just guys off the street. They are Ivan Seidenberg, founding CEO of Verizon, Dick Lynch, former CTO of Verizon, and Andrew Viterbi, co-founder of Qualcomm. They know a thing or two about this industry. These are the ones who pushed LTE as a standard for voice/data connectivity. And now they are saying that RPMA is the standard for machine connectivity. RPMA’s performance speaks for itself, and these wireless industry veterans speak for it as well.

RPMA isn’t just a phenomenal technology. It is a valuable business resource that can be tapped by your business. RPMA allows for inexpensive connectivity with out-of-the-box connectivity helping enable new value sources, increase efficiencies, and solve real problems.

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