Know Your Strengths

Gaining value from the Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t really a technology challenge. The challenge is really one of imagination and perspective. One of the biggest challenges is understanding the true value propositions your company offers. To create an IoT business value, a company must first understand what it uniquely offers to its customers, and why those customers keep coming back. Once you know how to thrill and delight your customers, and what it is that keeps them coming back to you, then it is much easier to identify ways to strengthen and augment your value propositions with IoT technology.

Your company does something, some things, really well. The IoT can in some cases enhance what you do well, and in other cases provide entirely new ways to serve your current and new customers. Using the Internet of Things to to do those thing better and/or differently is greatly simplified by Ingenu’s RPMA® for a few reasons.

RPMA Connectivity is Steroids for Your Current Strengths (without the nasty side effects)

IoT business value is enabled by RPMA’s out-of-the-box wireless connectivity and longevity. This longevity is uniquely enabled by the long battery life, and wide-area coverage that Ingenu’s low-power, wide area (LPWA) wireless technology offers. Out-of-the-box wireless connectivity means you can purchase devices without needing difficult configuration and an entire IT infrastructure to support them. Longevity means that once the device is deployed your company can leave it for years and stretch its costs over a long time period gaining greater ROI.

Imagination is what is needed to take the technology and transform it into value. Really this is the same as it has always been. Technology is created and entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial minded turn those developments into value. But the word ‘entrepreneur’ shouldn’t scare a more traditional company away. All it really means is using imagination.

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