A few weeks ago we announced that we are moving to a new home. This move is highly symbolic of Ingenu’s progress of late. Since CEO John Horn and his management team joined the company in the summer of 2015, Ingenu’s progress has accelerated to a global force in the IoT. Everyone at Ingenu has worked tirelessly and with dedication to come to this point.

Any hoarder knows the pain of letting go, but the wise understand its necessity to make progress and for reaching our true potential. It was with that mindset that CEO, John Horn, has grasped the helm of the good ship Ingenu and steered it forward. We are thrilled to see the progress we’ve made and continue to make. We are excited for the new location and space to move full steam ahead, tackling objective after objective.


As we pack our offices into boxes we savor our technological heritage and the incredible innovations we have poured into our wireless technology, RPMA®. At the same time, some things get recycled or thrown away, while the essential comes with us to our new location. We as a company are both literally and metaphorically shedding the old, and embracing the role we have prepared for since 2008, to be the world’s leading provider of wireless connectivity to machines.

Download this collection of case studies to learn about how RPMA has transformed cities and given incredible business value around the world.