Real Performance Matters

We at Ingenu™ have never been shy about the fact that we are the only LPWA solution capable of serving the IoT over the long term. We have repeatedly emphasized that in order to support the IoT, low-power, wide area (LPWA) wireless technology needs to be sufficiently capable. It is inevitable that as the burden of millions and then billions of devices rest upon the various LPWA technologies, those that aren’t capable of serving the IoT’s needs will fall by the wayside.

Solid Engineering

RPMA has been around since 2008. It isn’t a borrowed technology or conveniently built on someone else’s chip. It was honed by demanding (and paying!) customers to meet real world needs. There is no question RPMA works, works well, and provides real value.

The engineers who designed RPMA hail from Qualcomm and deeply understand RF technology and that real performance matters. They created a technology that addresses real world challenges and conditions. They created RPMA to provide robust wide area coverage with enough capacity for tens to hundreds of thousands of devices.

Experienced Leadership

Ingenu’s management team and board is one of the most experienced in the M2M and telecom industry. With industry veterans from the founding CEO of Verizon and former Verizon CTO as well as Qualcomm cofounder Andrew Viterbi, we speak not only with technical merit, but business experience. Our CEO created the M2M business as T-mobile which later became an immensely successful independent company.

From day one, Ingenu has been built to bring business value to our customers by providing an unrivaled wireless machine connectivity solution.

Download this collection of real-world stories showing how RPMA has brought real value to real customers for years.