I Want It Now

The instant gratification of smart phones and cell phones have taught us that out-of-the-box wireless connectivity is incredibly convenient. And for achieving positive ROI it is essential. We buy a phone and are signing up under a service provider our phone can be up and running in minutes. After entering in a few credentials all of our preferences are downloaded from the cloud and our phone is ready to go. It’s so simple we don’t even think about it any more.

Wireless Connectivity Shouldn’t Be Infrastructure Management

Now switch to our experience at home or at our business using Wi-Fi. You have to buy the router, sometimes the cable modem that the router connects to. You set up an SSID, you enter that SSID on all of your devices. The router gets wonky and you have to restart it: unplug, wait a minute, plug it back in. At a business with any size larger than a small home, you would need to configure and manage the entire Wi-Fi network. So now you need to purchase multiple routers (and modems where applicable), configure each one, place them appropriately for good coverage and then enter the password on each connecting device. This is anything but out-of-the-box wireless connectivity. This kind of self-managed wireless network may be fine for devices that are local and require regular human interaction anyway, but is prohibitive for any devices that are remote or have less ROI.

Becoming Truly Wireless with Battery Power

If you need truly disconnected (from a power souce) battery-powered devices with wireless connectivity, then suddenly you have fewer options. Wi-Fi, mesh, and the other Wi-Fi-like technologies eat up too much battery power and certainly do not offer out-of-the-box wireless connectivity. What’s a girl to do? Cellular does offer very convenient out-of-the-box wireless connectivity but anyone with a cell phone knows that battery won’t last very long using current cellular technology.

RPMA® Takes You All the Way

This is where RPMA shines! Random Phase Multiple Access™ (or RPMA®) is a low-power, wide-area (LPWA) wireless technology that offers the world’s most robust out-of-the-box wireless connectivity for low bandwidth IoT devices. With the Machine Network™, you can get connected to the Internet of Things by turning your device on and placing it where it needs to go. No IT team and network to manage. No infrastructure to manage. Simply take your device out, place it where it needs to be, and start reaping your ROI.

Download our white paper, How to Make Sense of Your IoT Connectivity Options, to learn what makes sense for you.