This week, Ingenu participated in the AT&T Developer Summit, which included a two-day hackathon event.  We brought our reference Application Communication Module (rACM) Development Kit, a plug-and-play development platform based on our RPMA technology, enabling rapid application development and test capabilities.

During the AT&T hackathon, Ingenu assisted an innovative application development team from Slalom Consulting, Atlanta on their submission for the Smart Cites App Challenge.  The challenge was designed to improve the efficiency of city services by leveraging AT&T and sponsor technologies to address issues in parking, resource management and community engagement, among others.

Competing as “Team Canary”, the developers utilized RPMA technology to represent a gas leak detection application.  Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis was used to find the location of the leak, and several integrated AT&T APIs such as M2X and Flow Designer were used to route personnel and communicate during the leak repair process.  The developers also utilized WebRTC, which provides browsers and mobile applications with real-time communications via simple APIs.

After nearly 36 hours of coding and development, Team Canary completed the challenge and was awarded the $10,000 prize for their innovative Smart Cities application.  Congratulations to Slalom Consulting for your accomplishments during this innovative forum!