The need to feed mankind has pushed agriculture’s technological arc ever forward for millennia.

Many believe that sensors used to collect data regarding the various aspects of farming are the next great leap in agricultural efficiency. RPMA provides the most cost-effective and powerful wireless connectivity for precision farming sensors. After discovering RPMA’s power in connecting smart sensors, we think precision farmers will want to make a great leap for joy.

Connected harvesters may use sensors to collect data regarding soil moisture or condition. Smart farmers may use them to monitor livestock health or even track fertility and receive triggers for important breeding events. Fisheries and forestry farmers can monitor water and nutrient conditions and prevent disease or other dangerous conditions.

The data collected by these various sensors is valuable and provides many unique competitive advantages. RPMA keeps this data secure with a state of the art suite of security features including message and device authentication and encryption. Moreover, RPMA allows for updates and upgrades for the devices so that your data stays secure and stays yours.

RPMA allows for updates and upgrades for the devices so that your data stays secure and stays yours

Many smart farming applications are valuable, but can’t quite justify the high cost of satellite time or the expensive LTE module costs, at least not for many farmers. RPMA is able to provide coverage where other wireless options can’t economically serve, enabling data collection that wasn’t possible before. Analytics performed on these data will bring short term gains and enable the precision farmer to achieve even greater gains as more seasonal data is collected. Soil as a resource will become more valuable as some areas and soils will be more resilient and better suited for the various types of farming.

Smart agriculture is poised for the next great leap forward and RPMA is the wireless service of choice for connecting precision farming data. RPMA provides unparalleled solution longevity. While cellular repeatedly forces sensors to change their hardware as they sunset old technologies, RPMA offers stability so that smart farmers can invest in technologies not before possible due to cost constraints. RPMA’s battery life offers 10 to 20+ years of life so that farmers don’t need to tinker with their connected sensors, but can focus on running their modern miracles of food production.

The Machine Network, Ingenu’s public wireless network powered by RPMA, is rolling out today and we’re bring RPMA connectivity to you.

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