Over here at Ingenu, we appreciate good conversation.

One where we know that we are listened to and understood and where all parties involved come away feeling appreciated. And while the machines that serve companies needs may seem like they don’t need that kind of hippy dippy feel good discussion, they actually do. Two-way M2M transmissions allow for longer battery life, more reliable message transmission and more data throughput. And that’s why Ingenu’s RPMA has the best two-way communication for machine-exclusive wireless connectivity.

In fact, only RPMA supports the entire value proposition of M2M connectivity. No other wireless provider, cellular included, can provide the same breadth of two-way communication capabilities while still maintaining 10-20+ years of battery life. On one end is RPMA’s downlink (from AP to endpoint) which is designed to handle firmware downloads. That’s right, RPMA has enough throughput both uplink (endpoint to AP) and downlink (AP to endpoint) that it can upgrade the firmware on your devices. That is some serious two-way transmission capability. Think of how much time and effort that will save device users. With firmware upgrades, your devices are able to upgrade with new efficient firmware and capabilities as well as security patches. Without RPMA’s incredible firmware upgrade capability, your devices are lonely islands frozen in time and space.

Only RPMA supports the entire value proposition of M2M connectivity.

On the other end of two-way communication capability, the most basic use is message acknowledgement. Two-way communication is fundamental to good M2M conversation, acknowledging that you heard the message. Devices only able to send data without confirming they were received are like parents telling their kids to clean up, only to have the children ignore them. Or maybe they aren’t ignoring. How will you know? Do you need to retransmit the message? It’s pretty frustrating. And it takes more energy. And it goes the same way when devices are communicating across a wireless network. Having to blindly repeat messages takes more energy shortening battery life needlessly, and reduces the user friendliness of your connected devices. Enable your devices with true-two way m2m transmission capabilities with RPMA.

To learn more about how RPMA is able to provide industry leading two-way communication, read our white paper How RPMA Works.