HeartbleedConficker. The Morris Worm. These hacks, viruses, or worms wrought mayhem on millions of PCs and servers connected to the Internet.

Eeek! Luckily, after they were detected patches were developed that protected against these security threats when downloaded and installed.

But wait. What if those infected PCs could never download the updates? What if they were eternally stuck in the same vulnerable state just waiting for the hack to happen, or were already compromised? Talk about being left sitting high and dry! Now imagine that those PCs are actually your devices sitting on an IoT network, but that network doesn’t have firmware upgrade capabilities. That’s about as comforting as a cactus blanket.

An IoT connectivity provider that lacks device security upgrades is leaving its customers in harm’s way.
There is a better way, and RPMA provides that way with the capability to download firmware upgrades, for any purpose, to your devices. If you ever need to improve device capabilities, beep, beep, boop, firmware downloaded and installed. This feature includes device security upgrades, as the firmware upgrade could be a simple patch to address a security vulnerability. This kind of feature gives you the benefit of real peace of mind so you can run your business knowing that, worst case scenario, you can address vulnerabilities that may arise.
Another added benefit of being able to send firmware upgrades to your devices through the Machine Network is that you can be proactive in improving your device efficiency. So any improvements in the firmware design can be propagated to your devices, allowing for possible improvements in other areas like battery life and sensor performance. This at least gives you the possibility of increasing the value of your M2M investment by allowing for such improvements to even be made.

An IoT connectivity provider that lacks device security upgrades is leaving its customers in harm’s way. Which is why Ingenu has this ability baked right in to RPMA. Keep your devices secure and adaptable to changing security conditions by using RPMA’s device security upgrades.

To learn more about how to stay secure on the Internet of Things, download our white paper, Security for the Internet of Things.