IEN logoIndustrial Equipment News – September 28, 2015 – Hey! Will All this IoT Stuff Mess Up Our LTE?   Probably not, actually.

IoT devices will typically be low- to no-maintenance and work for years from battery power for a long time. Industrial applications will often mean that the device will be placed and, essentially, operate in isolation in the far reaches of factories or in the field. So, Wi-Fi won’t always be appropriate. Those devices will often be reaching out to report their data via cellular connections. Here’s the trick. Machina Research predicts that nearly 1.5 million (Yes. Million.) of these devices will be up-and-running within only five years. Will they be connecting via existing LTE networks? Sometimes, yes, though now the push is to create built-from-scratch LPWA (Low-Power-Wide Area cellular) networks. While the devices themselves only transmit small amounts of data, millions of ‘em could mean straining existing LTE networks (and clogging bandwidth pipes for the rest of us).  Read More>>