Connected Car

RPMA: The ideal technology for the low data usage connected car
RPMA provides a technology that allows for a unique, economical, and powerful way to connect to your car. When many people think of the connected car, they imagine video streams and WiFi hotspots. But the connected car is much more than consumer consumption of media. The connected car can provide you with car diagnostics and the current state of your vehicle. It means that you can be alerted for things like going over a certain speed or exceeding a set number of RPMs. It also means that you can set and be alerted when geographical boundaries are passed. A connected car means knowing the geo-location of your vehicles. It means being alerted if a vehicle is used at the wrong time of day (like after-hours).

Reliability and Flexibility

Our long lasting battery life allows you to disconnect from the OBD-II port as a power source. This port and power independence avoids the issues many applications have with regular turning on and off of vehicles. We give you the flexibility to place your application where it makes the most sense for you, allowing for more unique, discreet, and useful form factors.

Application providers can also rely on the fact that our network will not sunset. We can guarantee network compatibility, by contract, for 20+ years. This kind of network longevity gives application providers the consistency they need to focus on developing their product, not redesigning its base functionality for every wireless sunset.

Wider and Deeper Coverage

It doesn’t help to have devices attached to cars that don’t have coverage when in remote areas. RPMA is designed to provide incredible coverage in areas that aren’t economical for cellular or other wireless providers.


RPMA is a cost-effective way to equip the vehicles you use today. By nature of our incredible coverage we are able to be cost-competitive with the most aggressive cellular pricing. This enables application providers to put more investment into developing features and functionality.

Connected Car Solutions

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