We’re Ingenu, Simply Genius.


Through our passionate expertise in wireless technologies, we turn disruptive innovation into practical application.

Ingenu has forged new paths since its inception; we have innovation at our core. Backed by the true pioneers of wireless, we know what we’re doing. Our depth of technical and industry knowledge is unmatched in the M2M/IoT space. Ingenu has developed RPMA, the Internet of Things’ leading machine-exclusive connectivity solution. RPMA undergirds the Machine Network, the world’s first public network designed exclusively for machines. We designed and optimized our technology for deeper and wider coverage, network longevity, and full-featured value. Our technology was designed from the ground up to meet the 80% of devices on the IoT that need serious, dedicated machine connectivity.

When we say we’re going to do something, we do it. We’ve designed our dedication into the reliability and longevity of our technology. We offer the longest network guarantee in the industry. Even our battery life reflects our dedication, lasting 10+ years, even up to 15 years for most deployments.

We have global vision. From the beginning we’ve envisioned global machine connectivity. Our global vision comes out through our Machine Network and dozens of global private networks. We have proven our technology with real-world deployments all over the globe.

We’re grounded. We move forward with real-world experience not just big talk. We’ve worked through the challenges of actual network implementations and are stronger, smarter, and that much better for it.

We move really fast. Because we developed and control our technology, we are able to drive our success at a pace that blows away every other network provider. We’re fast to help our customers, respond to our partners, and develop technology to meet M2M needs. We’re fast thinkers, fast doers, and fast to deploy. We love what we do, and we love seeing our hard work make the world a better place.

We’re Ingenu, Simply Genius.


Global Vision

Real World Experience


Directed by a cofounder of Ingenu, the engineering group has changed the paradigm on how networks are going to be built and managed.

Bringing major carrier experience, the operations team has more than 50 years of telecommunications background.

The marketing team is comprised of dynamic, forward-thinking individuals that have a proven track record of developing M2M/IoT content and awareness resulting in game changing lead generation techniques specific to the industry.

This team comes from the most experienced and well-connected M2M/IoT group on the planet. The VP of this team holds more than 15 years of industry experience and holds major successes, including building the most profitable TSP program in the US.