Secure by Design

To many people, security is an afterthought. When we created RPMA, security was integral to our mission. RPMA technology offers six state-of-the-art security guarantees:
  • Mutual authentication
  • Message integrity and replay protection
  • Message confidentiality
  • Device anonymity
  • Authentic firmware upgrades
  • Secure multicasts
These guarantees have won the trust of and protect dozens of private networks for utilities, oil and gas companies, municipalities and others. These are highly regulated industries, under high scrutiny and high demands. And these companies rely on RPMA for end-to-end security.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity does not mean the lack of capability; rather, it means transparency of function. It is easy to get carried away and stack security measure upon measure without understanding how the system works. We understand that knowing how changes to one part of our technology affect the remaining parts is key to maintaining transparency of function. The approach of elegant simplicity helps prevent overlooking vulnerabilities hidden in complex approaches.

Standards and Guidelines

We aren’t afraid to hold ourselves to high standards. RPMA technology:
  • Follows guidelines prescribed in NISTIR-7628
  • Meets FIPS 140-2 Level 2 standards
  • Enables NERC CIP 002-009 and NIST SP 800-53 guidelines for critical cyber assets
Why are standards important? First, they hold us accountable to a performance benchmark. When we say we are secure, these standards provide a direct measurable way of knowing what that means. Standards supply a way to compare and contrast various technologies across platforms. Second, our customers can know exactly what they are getting. By following standards and guidelines, our customers can look at their systems and consider what security measures those systems need, and then assure they are met by our technology.

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