Digital Oilfield

RPMA technology provides unprecedented coverage and capacity for remote digital oilfield assets

RPMA enables connectivity to a diverse ecosystem of partner devices which until now have been unreachable or too costly to connect. Ingenu’s industry leading and innovative RPMA technology extends the functionality of digital oilfield applications with these benefits:

  • Reduction in manual processes and on-site inspections, thus enabling continuous operations
  • Quick identification of issues resulting in enhancements in efficiencies and safety
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment status, preventing unscheduled downtime and safety risks
  • Capture of critical production data and utilization of collected data to further enhance efficiencies
  • Improvements in reporting                                      .
Ingenu drives new connectivity options for the digital oilfield. RPMA technology enables an ecosystem of partner end-point devices which serve a host of applications, including:
  • Pressure sensing of oil and gas pipelines as part of a wireless monitoring system which monitors and transmits data to the central system


  • Temperature sensing of pipelines as part of wireless monitoring system which monitors and transmits data to the central system
  • Flow rate monitoring of fluid transportation through pipelines


  • Sensors measuring the rate of corrosion within a pipeline to enhance cathodic protection of valuable pipeline equipment
  • Remote well monitoring to optimize production and check well integrity
  • Sensors to monitor hazardous gas leaks in pipelines as well as refineries
  • Water sensors to monitor integrity of pipelines to pinpoint areas where moisture collects
  • Monitors tracking vibration within a pipeline to determine potential risk of damage
  • Tank level measurement of oil or gas levels within a fluid storage vessel
  • Detecting and reporting of leaks as they occur which can enhance productivity and system reliability
  • Monitoring custody transfer (or fiscal metering) of substances when passed from one entity to another

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