ORLANDO (TechAdvantage 2015) – February 24, 2015 – Energate Inc., a leading provider of interactive energy management platforms connecting homes and small businesses, and On-Ramp Wireless, a leading provider of wireless communications solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things, announce their partnership to deliver a new affordable, advanced, easy-to-deploy, point-to-multipoint (P2MP) communications option for Energate’s solutions.

Energate is incorporating On-Ramp Wireless RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) communications into its Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) Platform, a system which can support either a utility’s existing demand response management system or Energate’s load management software via Energate’s CORE Middleware.  The platform also enables consumer engagement through third-party applications or the MyEnergate mobile apps and web portal.

“This innovative combination of platforms enables fully integrated solutions for utilities and service providers that desire a full two-way, secure, low-risk, private network, with ubiquitous coverage,” said Steve Dodds, Energate’s CEO.

“We are excited to see Energate’s solutions be enabled with On-Ramp’s RPMA communications, providing an RPMA-connected option for demand response and interactive energy management,” said Kevin Hell, president and CEO, On-Ramp Wireless. “The integration of our technology into the Energate solution is a critical enhancement to our portfolio of RPMA-enabled utility applications.”

Unlike pager-based solutions, the combined solution features secure, two-way, fully acknowledged communications on any RPMA Network, enabling a platform that supports interactive energy management with or without a smart meter, with or without AMI, and with or without a local internet connection while providing verifiable and measureable demand response (DR) and energy efficiency (EE) results.

On-Ramp Wireless and Energate will provide a “sneak peek” of the new demand response and energy efficiency offering – the LC2100 P2MP Load Control Switch using the RPMA Network at TechAdvantage 2015, Booth #123 in Orlando, February 23-26, 2015.

About Energate

Energate Inc. provides interactive energy management solutions that enable next-generation energy management and the connected home. Energate’s vertically integrated Consumer Connected Demand Response™ platform provides management two-way communication and demand response events through a flexible solution that includes devices, middleware, and applications. Energate’s Internet of Things solution is an interoperable architecture that has been proven in the homes of more than 40 North American utilities’ customers. For more information, visit www.energateinc.com.

About On-Ramp Wireless, Inc.

On-Ramp Wireless has developed the first wireless system purpose-built to efficiently connect billions of hard-to-reach devices in metro scale and other challenging environments. The patented On-Ramp Wireless RPMA® Network enables low-power monitoring and control applications within smart grid, oil and gas operations, water efficiency, industrial sensing and location tracking. For more information, visit www.onrampwireless.com or follow us on Twitter @OnRampWireless.